Translation and Localization services that considers the cultural and linguistics differences.
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STEM curriculum Development in an interdisciplinary and applied approach
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Rigorous and Systematic Evaluation prove effectiveness, improve the implementation and effectiveness, improve decision making.
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E-Learning … We make it part of themselves.
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Teachers Professional Development that is important for students achievement.
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Hello and welcome to Julnar International Education Solutions! We offer creative solutions to your pressing challenges in education to further advance your mission. Our partners have different needs but share the same goal
“to improve the quality of education”.

Evaluation Studies

Rigorous and systematic evaluations; including formative, on-going, summative and capacity building studies.

Educational Assessment

Reliable and valid assessments that sets valuable data in the hands of educators.

Curriculum Development

Research-based, content-rich curriculum that is consistent with current studies and best practices.

Educational Program Development

Effective Program development, Program Management Plan development, Monitoring and Evaluation System development.


Educational platforms that are highly relevant with engaging and focused content.

Professional Development

Professional learning opportunities for teachers, administrators and other educators

Skills Training

Collaborative process deployment that results in the development of high-quality skills training.

Translation, Localization, and Language Editing

Professional human translation, Localization, and language editing services.